-|   not diluted for quick production & not over-fermented for zero sugar.|
-     active mother culture  - 
room temp. stable -  naturally long life!|
-     no fruit concentrates  -  no preservatives  -  no stale tastes.
-     no Stevia  -  no xylitol  -  no extra fruit sugars ( just herbal flavours ).
Authentic - real ingredients & methods...
• Slow fermentation, full strength|
• Low-GI item with <1.4% sugar
• We make our own fresh flavours
• Complete Non-alcoholic brew
What is kombucha?  A traditional probiotic drink fermented in Asia for over 2000 years - made with herbs, juices & teas.  We've been brewing since 2008.  We blend our kombucha - unlike our competitors.  Ours is full strength but still very low in sugar & tastes superb (not sour & not watery).  We have a 1.5% sugar content to ensure an active mother culture.

What's it do?  The digestive factors produced by the fermenting culture remain in the kombucha, and these support digestion.  The culture has well over 70+ members making a great variety of organic acids and enzymes.
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Pristine & unpasturised
Great alcohol alternative
Quality Matters

Most commercial kombuchas (especially no-sugar brands) are started with weaker concentrations & deliberately over fermented.  This produces consistent (but, depleted) brews.  They contain flavour concentrates, stevia & fermented glucose (artificial erythritol). 

Ask yourself, how can the probiotics or enzymes survive in these over-processed / no-sugar situations?

Our kombucha is low sugar (not zero sugar) to ensure active probiotics & enzymes.  And, we blend vintages to achieve a balance of fermentation without a sour taste & without using high sweetness additives.
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Note: We supply fresh "living"  probiotic foods & can only deliver reliably to NSW & ACT postcodes.

For interstate deliveries to capital & regional centres please contact us directly.
Any 3 boxes - any flavour
12x 330ml Kombucha - $31.12 - $2.60/bottle   - Save $22.08 !|
9x 1000ml Kombucha - $59.40 - $6.60/bottle   - Save $39.60 !|
6x 400g    Cocomilk Kefir - $43.00 -
$7.20/Jar  - Save $27.30 !|
'3'  Box Combo  -  40% Off  -  With Free Delivery !
Box of 9
Cocomilk Kefir
Box of 6
Box of 12
Why 40% off?  Buying 3 boxes is a real commitment.  Fake kombucha & dairy kefir have reached the supermarkets - but, we make real kombucha & genuine non-dairy kefir - not supermarket pretenders.  Our kombucha has a fresh crisp taste - not watery & not over-fermented to zero sugar.  And, our cocomilk kefir is an active multi-probiotic with a low-tang flavour - it's not a pretend gut food.

Yes, we're all healthy until the antibiotics or long term bloating creates a gut problem - that's why we make authentic gut foods - since 2008 !  We don't make diluted kombucha-drinks nor gel filled "coco" yogurts