How we do it

•  Natural evolution is a relentless developer of
   beneficial items - so we explore its solutions.

  We only use food ingredients & processes
   proven to be safe through long human use.

Organics or better  - "Quality First"

•  We use higher purity conventional ingredients
   ( lab tested & accredited ) when organic
   ingredients are less pure.

  We don't use any pesticides or chemical
   cleaners, even if allowed under the organic
   standards - which also allow 5% non
   organic inputs & chemicals.

•  We display our lab. reports (see item-pages)


  Responsible processing - all food based from
   plant ingredients, no modifiers & using edible
   cleaners that leave zero residue.

Gabriel Bucciarelli
GM & Items developer
About us   We're an all Australian maker of kombucha beverages, non-dairy kefir & food-based skin care - since 2008.  Our location is in Hornsby (Sydney, Australia).  We're a team of four people providing real-health items with truthful labeling.

Our philosophy is simple - we only make nature's proven winners.  We use plant based food ingredients.  And, items are suitable for coeliac, diabetic, GAPS & vegan diets.

All our items are naturally self-preserving, ensuring normal shelf-life without chemicals.  There's no chemical processing, no heat treatments, no preservatives, no additives & no fillers.  In fact, our skin-care items use 100% edible ingredients -  because "edible is safe".

Importantly, our items & processes are dairy free, grain free, soy free, GMO free, gluten free & chemical-cleaner free.  Plus, we use our own plant-fed cultures.

Our Aim ?
Safe & authentic health items - Always.

Great tasting & easy to use items - enjoyable,
   healthy & no fuss (ready to use with suggestions/tips).

Support basic health actions - versatile items
   for digestion, detox & skin health.

Promote "whole health"  - for humans & their microbial life

Authentic, ethical & legal - based on long-term human use,
   clear evidence & food legislation - no nutritionism & no