Clear (Pure) Jojoba
Cocomilk Kefir
Jojoba-Coconut Balm
Why skincare?    Gut intollerances greatly affect skin health.  So, we support genuine skin repair, protection & nutrition.

Our principles?     We have always been responsible and ethical producers of "real food" & "real items", we insist on...
Reselling?             We support re-sellers with POS items & in-store tastings -  please contact us.  We also
                              do "small runs" of private labelling for resellers who want to market their own brand.

Item benefits?        Australian legislation states that non-TGA approved foods & skin-care have no marketable health
.  Accordingly, we describe documented support of physiology and not any 'cause' of health.

More information?  Please click the leaf...
•  Truth on labels - simple language & checkable information.

•  Only edible ingredients proven safe in long term use by humans (including our skin-care).

•  Genuine items that work with basic human physiology.

•  Direct sourcing from growers or their prefered partners.

•  No ingredients produced using glyphosates or GMOs.

•  No "disguised" sugars or high-GI ingredients - such as "finely milled" starches or "natural" sugars.

•  No "certified organic" ingredients abusing the 5% allowance for "non organic" contents.

•  No fillers & bulkers - no dilution & aeration - so, no emulsifiers or thickeners at all.
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