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Hot Mull Spices - Tess' Recipe

Hot Mull Spices (By Tess - Mona Vale)
Your favourite probiotic digestive drink - 'Spiced up'
Makes 3 servings

1000ml Mull Spices Kombucha: 
1 Orange, finely sliced: 
1 whole nutmeg: 
1 Clove:
1 Star anise:
Pinch of Cinnamon powder:

Optional Flavour Bits:
For naughty drinkers use 60ml of clear Vodka, Gin or White Rum. (makes 1 std per serve).

How to Prepare:
Step 1:  In a heatproof jug, add 1L Amphore Mull Spices Kombucha and warm.
Step 2:  add the rest of the ingredients and let steep for over an hour.
Step 3: Strain into glasses / mugs & enjoy

Drinking Suggestions:
Our hot Mull Spices is amazing by itself.  it mixes very well a biscotti style crisp bread sided with a Goats milk cheddar or blue cheese - traditional Tyrolean snack.

A good old fashioned beef stew (or a white bean & mushroom stew for our Vegan friends)