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Mull Spices (Red Wine Version)

Mull Spices (Red Wine Version)

A Kombucha Xmas Wine- 'Spiced up'
Makes 3 servings
(Approx 7% Alc) & (1.3STD per serve)

330ml Amphore Mull Spices Kombucha:  already containing most the spices needed makes this recipe SUPER easy.
360ml Dry red wine:  Merlot for example is a great wine to use.
30ml Apple cider vinegar:  Using half an orange will provide the tang needed for 2 cocktails.
1 large orange:  using zest as well as a splash of the oranges juice for zing.
(Substitute Dry red wine with Red Grape Juice for alcohol-free recipe)

Optional Flavour Bits:
 - Fresh Cranberries
 - Strips of orange zest
 - Squeeze of orange juice
 - A cinnamon stick.
 - Star Anise
 - A sprig of fresh rosemary

How to Prepare:
Step 1:  Zest the orange with a vegetable peeler to get slices of zest.
Step 2:  In a saucepan over medium heat combine the red wine (or Red grape juice), Mulled Spices Kombucha, apple cider and juice from the zested orange.
Do not let boil, bring to light simmer and serve warm.
Step 3:  Pour into mugs & garnish as desired with the zest & any other optional bits.

Drinking Suggestions:
Amazing whether the occasion is being curled up on the couch during a cold winter night, enjoying a book, your favourite winter TV show or some music with family / friends.

As always, cocktails & mocktails serve best with friends.