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Amphore Prize Promotion Terms And Conditions

'Coupon' & 'Non-Coupon' Prize Promotion T & Cs

  1. By entering an Amphore competition all entrants accept the competition terms & conditions without reservation, and without modification.
  2. Importantly: The gold sticker with coupon number must be kept & presented at the point of purchase to claim a prize. Winners are requested to allow a photo for a social media posting.
  3. How to enter: Sms the unique coupon number found on the item.  Only the first sms with the coupon number will be valid.  Please enter each coupon only once. S  Non-coupon entries may be entered via the entry web-page posted on some social media platforms.  Any subsequent multiple entries will be disregarded/disqualified for selection of winners.
  4. Entry acknowledgement: Entries will generate an auto-reply sms with a time-stamp.
  5. Eligible Entrants: Coupon entrants must be the a purchaser of an Amphore item which has an attached with a coupon number and whom are neither employees nor family of Amphore employees nor non-residents of Australia. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older & be residents of the state in which they purchased the item bearing the entry coupon.
  6. These Ts & Cs apply to non-coupon entrants entering the Instagram/Facebook competition
  7. Prize bundles are as shown on the 'Amphore Prize Promotions Web-Page'.
  8. Reimbursement: No entrant may claim or induce a reimbursement for any expense related to the “Gen-Food” competition. This includes winners & non-winners.
  9. Claiming a prize: The gold sticker with coupon number must be presented at the point of purchase to claim a prize. Winners are requested to allow a photo for a social media posting.
  10. Announcing winners: winners will be contacted by sms.  The sms entry with it's time/date stamp (but without personal details) may be posted to online social media. Winners must respond by sms with a nickname (or a first name) for social media posts, a photo of the gold sticker having the winning coupon number.
  11. Available prizes: The gold-stickers indicate that pack-size of the item for the major prizes & the chances of winning.  For example, "twin-packs of the purchased item with a 1 in 40 chance of winning.
  12. Choosing Winners: Winners are chosen by order of valid entry.
  13. Delivery of prize: Prizes will be delivered to the place of purchase and a notification sent to the store manager detailing the winner's name as given above.  The winner will be notified re the delivery.
  14. Time limits for winners: Winners must acknowledge acceptance within 28 days of notification AND they must attend their place of purchase within 7 days of the prize delivery date (sent to winners by sms).
  15. Competition duration: The competition is ongoing.  But, no entry is valid if it is entered after the best before date of the item.
  16. Rights re disqualification & competition queries: Amphore is to be the sole arbiter of any disputes & it’s decision is final. Any correspondence from entrants may not be answered immediately.
  17. Privacy policy: Entrants private details will not be disclosed to third parties. Entry &/or winner date/stamp details may be posted online. Amphore may send details of future competitions & offers to entrants.
  18. Intellectual property: Entrants warrants that they have the rights necessary to provide the intellectual property needed to participate in the competition. Further, the entrant consents to any act or omission by the entrant which is an infringement of their rights.
  19. These terms & conditions do not negate any statutory or common law rights available to the competition promoter.
  20. Any dispute concerning the administration or award of prizes shall be determined solely by the competition promoter (Amphore P/L) whose decision shall be final in any such matter.  Correspondence shall be at the discretion of the promoter.