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Coconut Water (Great Value 3x 4Pack)

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Genuine Young  -  Unfiltered  -  Organic Certified

This is a genuine unfiltered coconut juice from young coconuts.  Tastes exactly like a fresh opened coconut.  You can see the white coco-lining suspended in the juice.

What's different?  The coconut juice is unfiltered, this retains all the natural parts of the unspoiled juice.

We have sampled many supposedly real coconut waters.  But this is easily, the best tasting & genuine coconut juice available.  There is no preservative, no dilution & no heating used with this coconut juice.  And, it's certified organic.

Here's information direct from the maker...

"CoCo Joy Natural Coconut Water delivers. Just another coconut water . . . not a chance! Our taste is part of what sets us apart. We harvest the young, green coconuts at peak times for the sweetest flavor and most nutrients we can deliver. Delicious, refreshing, no added sugars or preservatives, and plenty of nutrients. We source non-GMO products with sustainable farming methods, and we are never made from concentrate."

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