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Cheesy Kefir Dip/Sauce

Cheesy Kefir Dip/Sauce
'The sneaky snack, full of good gut bugs + D3/K2/Iodide'

The Ingredients (2 Servings):
- 110g Cocomilk Kefir
- 15g Nutritional Yeast+ (1 Teaspoon has >3xRDI for Vitamin D3, K2 & Iodide)
- 1 Teaspoon (5g) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Optional flavour Bits:
- Smoked Paprika
- Chopped Herbs
- Fresh Chopped Garlic

How to Prepare:
Step 1.0:  In a bowl, blend / whisk ingredients until uniform - it's that simple!
Option for warm dishes:
Step 2.1:  Pour mix into a small saucepan and heat for 5 minutes on low heat to bring temperature to warm, Do not simmer/boil as the Cocomilk Kefir is a probiotic (living food).
Step 2.2:  Pour & serve in a small bowl with chips / crackers - more ideas below.

Eating Suggestions:  It's a dip & a sauce - try it anywhere that you need a cheesy dip/sauce e.g. pasta or baked vegetables.  It's an easy way to sneak some 'good gut bugs' & vitamins into children's diets  e.g. with nachos, on macaroni or onto sliced carrot/cucumber/celery...

Fun Fact: This is a probiotic dip One teaspoon of this dip has about half a billion active probiotics. Remember that they eat what you eat - so eat smart & have healthy & helpful gut bugs. .

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