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Why is Cocomilk Kefir not always the same consistency? Why is it sometimes runny and sometimes thick?  Cocomilk Kefir is made runny. Since the kefir is a live active food, It will still grow, fizz & thicken as it sets further in the tub. This thickening depends on the time passed since it was made; it also depends on any warming that occurs with handling. The thickening will just make more of the probiotics. If you like it thinner, just add a little of clean water (preferably spring water) and mix it well. If you like it thicker, leave it out of the fridge overnight; it will then thicken over the next few days. 

What are common causes of bloating & reflux?  In many cases, bloating occurs when foods such as starch or sugars are fermented at too great a rate for dispersion &/or absorption - this causes gas to build up (bloating) which may then promote reflux.  One simple way to limit this cause of bloating is to limit the starches & sugars in your diet.  The second way is to retard fermentation in the gut (especially the stomach).  Eat more bulk fiber AND avoid mixing your starches & sugars with dense proteins or heavy fats in the same meal.  Often, this will encourage the stomach to empty before much gas is made.  These simple ways have been known & documented since 1893. The following link displays a very early medical article describing fermentation during digestion. It's quaint but relevant  -  Click here (1893, Allan A Jones MD)

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