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Gold-Sticker Rewards

   Rewards Collection

Online/Shop Buyers
Can Claim Twin Packs
Just Collect 40 Stickers or 
 30 Stickers + A New Recipe Idea 

Market Stall Buyers
Can Claim Single Items
Just Collect 20 Stickers 
 10 Stickers + A New Recipe Idea 

Claim As Often As You Like 

This is our GUARANTEED reward - not a competition.  Please collect the gold stickers, perhaps use a card on the fridge.  Our buyers can give us a new kefir recipe (text & photo).  This new recipe counts as 10 stickers (see our recipe pages). So...

Please send us a 'group-photo' of the stickers &/or recipe by email (see contact page).  You'll receive the item that you most frequently bought It's that simple!  🤗

Rewards delivery:  Online & shop buyers are sent items directly by over-night courier.  If over-night delivery isn't possible then we'll contact buyers to organise an alternative delivery.  Or, you can visit us at our market-stalls.  So, please, don't misplace those gold-stickers!

Enjoy your items & best wishes,
Gabriel : The Rewards Wrangler.