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About us

We are an all Australian maker of kombucha beverages, non-dairy kefir & edible-ingredient skin care - since 2008.  Our location is in Hornsby (Sydney, Australia).  We provide authentic health items with truthful labelling.

Amphore started in 2008 - way ahead of the gut-health trend. We are a small team headed by two business partners - Shahrokh (former medical lecturer & MD) & Gabriel (former engineer & a science graduate).  Our items are developed & made directly by us.

All our items are suitable for coeliac, diabetic, FODMAPS, GAPS & vegan diets. One size doesn't 'fit' everyone, but 'keeping it simple' does help fit more people - please do read our labels.

With politeness We don't make pretend products:  We're NOT a  BIG Eco, BIG Food nor BIG Pharma company.  We've got nothing to hide.  Photos, labels, COAs & ingredients are shown on our web-site.

In keeping with our philosophy below, we welcome criticisms - written & signed, of course.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - we only make nature's winners - proven by long-term human use & not by the latest "science".  Accordingly, we use edible food ingredients.  However, we respect genuine scientific methodology - where transparency, doubt & review is paramount.  It also means that we seek raw data, clear methodology & reproducibility for health claims &/or criticisms.

Our items are naturally self-preserving, ensuring normal shelf-life without chemicals.  The food & skin-care items use no chemical processing, no heat treatments, no preservatives, no additives & no "natural" pseudo-foods.  In fact, our skin-care is made with 100% edible ingredients - because "edible is safe".

Importantly, our items & processes are dairy free, grain free, soy free, GMO free, gluten free, nut free, seed oil free & chemical-cleaner free.  Plus, we use our own plant-fed cultures.

Our Aim?

Safe & authentic health items - Always.

  • Great tasting & easy to use items - enjoyable, healthy & no fuss (ready to use with some "how to" tips).
  • Support of basic health actions - versatile items for digestion, detox & skin health.
  • Promote "whole health" - for humans & their microbial life support!        
  • Authentic, ethical & legal - based on long-term human use, clear evidence & food legislation - no nutritionism & no preaching.

Special Requests

If the shopping cart is unsuitable, then please send us your request/order via the contact page.  Full Company details are below.  Any payments may be made using our bank details:

Company: Amphore Pty. Ltd.
ACN: 161 809 169
ABN: 27 161 809 169
Mgr: Mr Gabriel Bucciarelli
Landline: +61 +2 8411 2522
Bank: WestpacAcct
Name: Amphore P/L,  
BSB: 032 285,  
Acct#: 524 460