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Our Ongoing Resolutions...

' Make Your Own Health '
& 'Please Read Labels' :)

Comments From Customers

My favourite Kombucha! So happy to find it in stores now cause much easier than the markets! The Cocomilk Kefir is also by far the best coconut yoghurt type product I've had... So far everything's great!


Loving the Cocomilk Kefir SO much in my smoothies and breakfast bowls! Thanks guys.


This is the best coconut kefir ever, I'm in love with it. So delicious. Sometimes it's thicker and I love it even more then.


Our Principles

Truth on labels - simple language & checkable information

Only edible ingredients proven safe in long term use by humans

Genuine items that work with basic human physiology

No ingredients that are produced using glyphosates or GMOs

No 'disguised' sugars or high-GI ingredients - such as 'finely milled' starches or 'natural' sugars

No fillers - no bulkers - no aeration - no emulsifiers - no non-food derived ingredients.
This also means no 'natural' flavours (copies) & no concentrated 'natural' preservatives (extracts) - at all !