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'Non-Pretend' Wholesale Items &
Brief Selling Points Below

Cocomilk Kefir: Non dairy, no sugar, over 32 probiotic types, 52 billion CFUs & Kid friendly taste (low tang), versatile for savory & dessert food.  Just two ingredients - coconut milk & kefir culture - nothing else!  Lab. report & recipe ideas online.  
Nutritional Yeast Mix: Cheesy Taste - but no dairy.  Contains B-group vitamins plus, D3, K2,7 (MK7) & Iodide.  Has coconut milk & high polyphenol olive oil - so it's creamy & low calorie.  There are recipe ideas are online. A COA is available online.
Sweet Cacao Mix: Tastes Just like chocolate crackle sauce - very kid friendly.  No Dairy & no seed oil.  Uses MCT oil & glycerin (USDA grade)).  Contains coconut milk & makes a great hot chocolate - just add water.  All ingredients shown online.
Genuine Kombucha (since 2008): Not the supermarket soft-drink.  Has a kid friendly & strong non-sour taste (balanced with glycerin) & is not watery.  The remaining ferments aid breakup of food during digestion.  Our 'Scoby' has been uncontaminated for 16 years.
Polyphenol Olive Oil:  Safe for cooking.  Over 280ppm bio-phenols & not bitter like most HP olive oils.  Very low Free fatty acids (1/8 of premium oils) giving a high smoke point - over 230 Celcius  There's a Lab. report & recipe ideas online.
Vegetable Glycerin: The only safe sweetener - made by the body.  Tastes exactly like sugar - no after-taste.  Tooth & Diabetic - lower GI than broccoli.   - essential for fat metabolism (triglyceride formation).  Aids sports hydration (un-banned by WADA in 2018).  A COA is available online.
Jojoba Olive Oil Balm:  It contains the moisturising waxes found in every skin type.  With just 4 ingredients - all edible, because edible is safe.  Can be applied everywhere even on broken skin.  The jojoba & beeswax is clarified to remove allergens.

Clear Jojoba Oil:  The same wax as your skins main moisturiser.  Great silky feel, non-allergenic & 100% non toxic.  Absorbs immediately, won't smear onto clothes, great under make-up & doesn't sting eyes.  This is an unbeatable item.

Rosehip Oil - Certified Organic:  For skin repair.  It's a retinol precursor which is converted 'in-vivo' to produce retinol & encourage skin repair.  For minor blemishes & surface scars.  It is routinely used for minor burns in ERs & first aid.  A COA is available online.
Cocomilk Drinking Kefir:  It's lassi style kefir for drinking.  With the same probiotics as our eating-style kefir.  The vanilla extract & glycerin makes it very kid friendly - very low tang.  For 'on the go' probiotics.  Great in a smoothie or on it's own.  A brief probiotic list is on the label.


Important Info:  Fresh cocomilk kefir fermentation, curing & packaging needs 7-9 days.  The deadline for wholesale orders is 3pm every Saturday (yes, we work week-ends).  The earliest dispatch is approx. 9 days later @ 10am Tuesday.  Apologies, but, any orders after 3pm on Saturday may be sent 14-16 days later.

And, more apologies, we know delivery costs are prohibitive for regional buyers, so, we are delivering at bare-cost.  For example, admin. + polybox + packing + ice-bricks + overnight courier to the northern rivers costs us $54.00/48-units ex gst.  So, please contact us to confirm/discuss/suggest delivery options.



Please contact us or phone Gabe on 0405 631 053.