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Nutritional Broth+ (Sneaky Super Soup)

'Nutritional yeast broth' - only '6-ish' basic ingredients: 
Yes, we do sell this here on the website, but we are happy to be open about it.  It may be less expensive to get ours.

And, it's very nutritious & guilt-free - please see our 'Fun Fact' below.

The Special(?) Ingredients:
Nutritional Yeast+  ~ 10g:  Our version of nutritional yeast has some extras. It contains vitamin D3, K2 & Iodine - these vitamins work together to promote immunity & transport calcium.  The NY+ gives that cheesy/umami flavour.  It can be addictive, so you'll find uses for it in many recipes where a cheesy flavour suits 
- Powdered Apple Cider Vinegar - 1/4g:  This gives a tart edge to the broth.  Follow your taste buds. By using powdered ACV you'll avoid the ingredients clumping. 
Powdered Coconut Milk - 10g:  This gives a creamy texture.  We use a certified milk-free powder from a local pacific islander maker.  Please read the label, you may be surprised about others use of milk protein as a bulker.  Again, powder stops the mix from clumping. 
Powdered MCT Oil - 3g:  This adds to the creamy texture without heaviness & is rapidly absorbed during digestion to give quick energy. 
Konjac Root - 3g: The fine ground is best & avoids clumping.  This has no basic taste, so it can thicken the broth without adding carbs or calories.  It's a great way to keep away hunger, since it slows down digestion of the protein in the nutritional yeast. 
Salt - 1/2g & Pepper - 1/4g: A must for any soup. Use black salt if you want a more eggy flavour. Otherwise grated granulated 'sea' salt is good. 

Optional Bits:
- Cocomilk Kefir (it's low tang)
- Parsley
- Mushrooms
- Onions
- Fresh Garlic
- Capsicum - Red or Green... or Both!
- Shallot Stalks

How to prepare:
Step 1 - Mix the above ingredients: Make sure to thoroughly mix the ingredients in a dry cup or bowl - this prevents the soup clumping.  That's why dry ingredients are easier to use.
Step 2 - Add Hot Water - but not too hot: Using 250ml 'off the boil water' is best - just let the heated water sit for 30 seconds, then add it to the cup or bowl.
Step 3 - Add those optional veggies: Just follow your ideas  The broth is hot enough to soften & infuse the taste of your finely chopped veggies.  A little is best, so as to ensure that your veggies do soften & the broth stays hot (try covering the cup/bowl with a plate to keep in the heat for a minute or so). 

Eating your broth: 
A dollop of Cocomilk Kefir goes well.  Garnish your Broth with fresh herbs (try chopped parsley or shallot stalks) and maybe some ginger.  Again, just experiment, but always eat nutritional broth when warm. 

Make meal with some side items... 
- With sauté pumpkin chips.
- With toasted sourdough
- With croutons (yes, even a crumbles crispbread cracker)

Bon Appetite!

Fun-Fact:  A 250ml cup of this broth has less than 1/60th the daily kilo-Joules recommended by the Australian dietary guidelines.  It may be enjoyed without any concerns over fat, protein, sugar or salt.  And, the use of the yeast (100% inactive) with the konjac makes it a good hunger-buster - Enjoy!

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