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'Winter Spiced' Moscow Mule

Ginger Brew - 'Winter Spiced' Moscow Mule
Only a little naughty & still a great digestive - 'Spiced up'
Makes 1 glass servings - 2 cocktail glasses
~ 3.5% abv ~ 0.8 Std drink per serve

180ml Ginger Brew Kombucha: Chilled from the fridge is best
60ml vodka ~ 40% abv:  Unflavoured is best, but can use vanilla vodka for that extra little hint of flavour.
A Squeeze of fresh orange juice: Using half an orange will provide the tang needed for 2 cocktails.
Handful of ice: Crushed or small cubes.
(Substitute Vodka with Soda water for alcohol-free recipe)

Optional Flavour Bits:
 - Fresh Cranberries
 - Thinly sliced orange wedge or wheels
 - A sprig of fresh rosemary

How to Prepare: (Alcoholic)
Step 1:  In a cocktail shaker or even a tall glass, first add ice.
Step 2:  Now add the Vodka and a squeeze of orange juice.
Step 3:  Slowly pour in the Ginger Brew Kombucha & stir until mixed.
Step 4:  Pour into 2 cocktail glasses or tumblers & garnish as desired.

How to Prepare: (Alcohol-free)
Step 1:  In a tall glass, add ice.
Step 2: Now add the Kombucha & a squeeze of orange juice.
Step 3: Slowly Pour the Soda water & stir together, garnish & serve.

Drinking Suggestions:
Whether it's food or for snacks - this drink goes well with cheese boards, dips, chips & guacamole (see our Kefir recipes).. Great with a light Thai noodle salad.

As always, cocktails & mocktails serve best with friends.

Fun Fact:
As per usual no 'mules' were harmed in the creation of this recipe.

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