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Not the pretend soft-drink  -  Since 2008

What's different?

  • Our kombucha has 1.5% sugar to maintain an active mother culture. The pretend "zero sugar" brands are deliberately brewed weak & over-fermented for quick production.  Zero sugar means inactive (starved) probiotic.
  • We mix batches with different starting ingredients to blend out sourness.  We don't  disguise weak brews with erythritol, stevia & "natural flavours" (natural copies).
  • And, we make our own flavours from real herbs & use vegetable glycerine, the only safe sweetener as proven by 80 years of use world-wide.

Brief features

Probiotic digestive drink - easier digestion "frees-up" immune response
  • Active mother culture
  • Room temperature stable (as per genuine fermented foods)
  • 3 Safe herbal flavours - Ginger BrewLemon MintMull Spices
  • No concentrates & no preservatives
  • Slow brewed / full strength / undiluted
  • No stevia & no erythritol (so called fermented glucose)
  • Low sugar <1.5%

What is it?

A traditional probiotic drink fermented in Asia for over 2000 years - made with herbs, juices & teas.  We've been brewing since 2008.  We blend our kombucha - unlike our competitors.  Ours is full strength but still very low in sugar & tastes superb (not sour & not watery).

What does it do?  - The main message.

The digestive factors produced by the fermenting culture remain in the kombucha, and these support digestion.

Better digestion means better overall health & particularly immunity.  Over 70% of immune tissue is in the gut to protect from pathogens & toxins.  Easier digestion frees-up this tissue to provide better immune capacity & response. (read more below).

Our culture has well over 70+ members making a great variety of organic acids and enzymes - many more than in apple cider vinegar.

Ingredients - Quality matters!

Our kombucha is made with organic green tea & filtered sugar cane juice.  We make three  flavours - 'Ginger Brew' (fresh ginger juice, cinnamon & lime) - 'Lemon Mint'  (fresh mint & lemon myrtle) & 'Mulled Spices' (a mulled wine with 14 spices).  All are high in digestive enzymes & contain a detox aid - glucaric acid (see detox info below).

Why these flavours? 

Ginger supports the relief of nausea & Mint supports the relief of gut cramping.  We also have a sweeter Mulled Spices flavour - made to be warmed up (but not boiled).  And, our promo stall at open-air markets sell "Festive Fizz" - a more sparkling "Kompagne" flavour  - "Vive la difference".

Importantly, we don't make sweet fruit flavours because genuine fruits (or juices) add "free sugar" to the drink.  This leads to extra carbonation in the bottle & in you (bloating).

Digestion & Cellular Detoxing

The great variety of kombucha microbes provides many more types of digestive factors than simple apple cider vinegars or ordinary yogurts.  And, kombucha also provides detoxing factors for cellular waste - so it should be kept active by using a low (not zero) sugar content.

Properly fermented kombucha contains glucaric acid which inhibits waste reabsorption as it transits out of the body. This avoids repeated detoxing of this waste. This action is a major part of phase II detoxing in cells (including liver cells).  Glucaric acid is a whole-body detox agent.

It's not just for poor eaters.  For example, athletes may not get enough glucaric acid from the non-energy portion of their diets.  It's similar for poor eaters who eat little, or over-do the fast food.
Our Kombucha is a natural source of dietary glucaric acid.