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Clear Jojoba More Info

Nature's great copy of skin's own moisturiser - the wax part of sebum.  Yes, your skin's main hydration agent is sebaceous wax, not an oil or cream.  It binds & seals-in moisture.  That's why clear jojoba penetrates immediately & moisturises completely.

Our clear jojoba is pure jojoba - no plant residue or allergens - odourless & tasteless.  It doesn't sting eyes, lips or broken skin! So, it can be applied to sensitive areas. And, it doesn't smear off onto clothing.

Plus, it removes all eye make-up - without any irritation!
And, very suitable for acne, dermatitis, eczema & psoriasis!

We clarify raw dense grade Australian jojoba in-house using edible clay. It's a filtering process, no chemicals are used. It is Australian sourced & fresh processed. There is no "high heat filtering".

Dense grade jojoba is a better moisture binder and skin sealer than normal commercial jojoba from overseas sources.  And, clear jojoba has a neutral odour unlike golden jojoba.

Health & Use Info.

Your skin & follicles use wax to bind skin moisture & coat growing hairs.  This prevents dryness, in-grown hairs & dandruff.  Clear Jojoba closely matches your skin's natural wax and works with all skin types.

It's a base for most cosmetics - so it easily removes make-up. Also, a few drops in hair conditioner give lustrous hair without the oily feel.

And, clear jojoba smothers many common microbes such as pseudomonas.  In fact, Clear Jojoba will penetrate follicle walls, so it doesn't collect debris or feed microbes that lead to acne!

Clear jojoba is best applied to damp skin.  About 6 drops is enough to moisturise your whole face - Can’t be true?  -  Try it!