In 2024, Stay Well or Get Well... And, Free Delivery For Orders >$88.50 In NSW/ACT & >$128.50 In QLD/VIC/SA.


Market Promotion T & Cs

To enter, just sms the market's code-name to the mobile number displayed at the market.  Please don't send any personal details. 🤔

Combo-prize winners must attend the market & claim their prize within 22 days. Discount-prize winners must attend & claim their prize within 8 days. How?... Please read below.

For new patrons or insomniacs, the important points are...😴

You must enter (send your sms) on the day of the market, otherwise your entry can't be included in the draw...

Remember, please don't send personal details. Duplicate entries are allowed but, will be merged into 1 entry with 1 time-stamp.

The 3 weekly combo-prize winners (& the past 6 winners) are physically posted next week at the market.  And, I send an sms (Mon. & Frid.) to everyone with the prize info applicable to them ( but, with NO personal info nor mobile numbers).  YES, all entrants win a 10% discount to use at a promoted stall (it's a different stall each market day).🤔

Combo-prize winners must show  your combo-winner's sms to claim their combo-prizes at the Amphore market stall. Discount-prize winners must show their discount winner's sms at the promo-stall.🤗

We keep everything checkable:  A list of entries with their time-stamps is available.  The median entry's mobile number is used to generate 3 new numbers & pick the winners. 🙈

Good luck, be well &, see you at the market 🤞,
Gabriel (@ the Amphore stall)