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High Polyphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OLIVE OIL 500ml (EV - High Polyphenol - 505mg/litre)

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Apologies to all:  We have no more stock for online sales.  And, our current grower has no available 2021 HP EV oil.  We are now sourcing supply from our former growers.  Please email us so as to be notified once stock becomes available;  Gabriel (Mgr Amphore).

Genuine, Unblended & Triple Premium Quality

This is a genuine Australian extra virgin (cold pressed) olive oil with a high polyphenol content (505mg/litre - 505ppm).  That's more than 3x the standard for a premium olive oil.  It has a peppery & grassy taste like early harvest oils - but without the unfiltered water, seed & olive-skin residue.

What's different?  The olive polyphenols (including oleuropeins) are the active micro-nutrients of the olive fruit & olive leaves.  These polyphenols act to promote cell immunity & repair.  Other polyphenols rich items are olive leaf extract (immune support), curcumin (anti-inflammatory) & resveratrol (aid longevity).

The polyphenols are also strong antioxidants that protect this olive oil during cooking (even when frying).  This olive oil has a smoke point is higher than coconut oil ( >210 Celcius).  The antioxidants also prevents rancidity - the "use-by" period is over 3 years!  Nata Laboratory Report - 2021

The maximum FFA (free fatty acid) content for premium EV olive oils is 0.8%. This olive oil has a FFA content of just 0.16%.

This standard of olive oil is never available in shops.  It is almost always blended to improve the taste & shelf-life of lesser quality EV olive oils.

There is no preservative, no dilution & no heating used with our high polyphenol EV olive oil.

Something to ponder... keep it secret.

"Apologies, but we can't supply this olive oil for resale in outlets.  We only have 1100 bottles for this 2021/22 season, so please buy what you need &... keep it secret - keep it safe - Updated 08 Dec 21.