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SWEET CACAO MIX (Singles OR Packs)
SWEET CACAO MIX (Singles OR Packs)
SWEET CACAO MIX (Singles OR Packs)

SWEET CACAO MIX (Singles OR Packs)

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The chocolate vitamin treat... without exaggeration, it tastes just like a 'chocolate crackle' or a 'golden rough'.

The easiest & healthiest way to enjoy a dairy-free & seed-oil free chocolate taste.  There is < 0.1% sugars.   And, the MCT oil in the sauce is used directly as energy, so it's good for the waist-line.

The sauce is blended smooth, so it's lump free - without any grinds/grit.  And, each teaspoon has 3x the RDI of Vitamins D3, K2 & Iodide.

Guilt-Free Ideas

It makes a great hot chocolate - just add hot water - approx 16 cups (16x 275ml).  That's less than $0.80/serve.

Of course, it dissolves in cold liquids - good for smoothies or making a 'natural' coco-choc milkshake.

It also, goes great on cakes & icecream.


The ingredients are very low-GI and safe - Cocao, MCT oil, Glycerin (vegetable), Coconut milk powder (without stevia, erythritol or monk fruit), Sea-salt, 3ml of water & NOTHING else!  It's completely preservative, colouring & flavouring free (except for that delicious cacao).

Each 290g bottle has only 13g (13ml) of water - used to make the coconut milk paste, so that all ingredients mix smoothly.