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Chocolate Kefir Mousse

Chocolate Kefir Mousse -
Something no fussy eater can refuse.
Makes 2 servings.

1/2 ripe medium avocado: This makes the mix smooth & emulsifies the ingredients.
1/3 tub Cocomilk Kefir: This is a creamy & strong probiotic with a very light tang. So its 'kid friendly'.
3 tbsp raw cacao powder: Here's the chocolate flavour without any dairy or sugar - that's healthy!
2 tbsp coconut oil: Well, this really creams up the mixture.
2-3 tspn Vegetable Glycerin:
as it sweetens the mix, and may prevent freezing in the freezer for a time.

Optional Flavour Bits:
 - 1 tsp Marsala per mix - This much Marsala makes for 0.5% alcohol, which is still less than a ripe orange (Please, look it up)
 - Sliced Fruits
 - Crushed Nuts
 - Cacao Nibs
 - Cacao Powder (sprinkled)

How to Prepare:
Whisk all main ingredients (including Marsala if chosen) until light & fluffy. Layer into bowls or cups, garnish with fruit, crushed nuts, cacao nibs, raw cacao powder or extra Cocomilk Kefir.  Chill for 1 hour.

Eating Suggestions:
This mousse goes great with sliced banana, fresh berries, nuts, granola or by itself - can be put into a jar or travel mug for those cravings at work.

Almond wafers or sticks - a little naughty but never disappointing.

Fun Fact:
This recipe does not contain any Mouses nor Mooses.