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Covid19 Info (Oct 2019 - Updated May 2022) - An Inconvenient Commentary

A New Beginning?  (23 May 2022)  - we have deliberately left this page unedited since 10th Oct 2020 (excepting for this introductory passage).  At that time, we endeavored to be polite & practical.  It was obvious then, as it is now, that the pandemic was politically driven, although it was biologically based.  This is our polite way of saying that the WHO, salaried medical officers, governmental advisors & governments made bad decisions; primarily concerned with selecting advice & measures taken to preserve liability indemnity.  That includes social, electoral, financial & criminal liability.

However, the actuarial data of insurance companies & the data of official governmental statistical offices presents a disturbing best case scenario.  (excess deaths, low fatality rates, poor vaccine efficacy, etc).  The effects of these bad decisions will be available for public scrutiny and use in litigation.  In fact, there was statistical data available in Sept. of 2020 (see video below), but, it was removed by the YouTube censors.

If you are a victim of the pandemic then of course you have our empathy & sympathy.  The following is what we published in Oct 2020.


What are we doing?    (Main Text Published 09 June 2020 - Video & Video Text Updated 10th October 2020:  Author - Gabriel Bucciarelli)

FYI, the NSW food authority has assessed us as a low risk food producer.  But, we have still decided to reinforce the recommended risk mitigation measures.  This covers work-practices, education and monitoring ourselves (3 production staff & 1 direct salesperson).  Frankly, we do this all the time since, we are a maker of live probiotics.

Coronavirus Schema

Coronavirus disease - Wikipedia

(Scientific Animations - CC BY-SA 4.0)

& Don't Panic...

Is there a " panic-epidemic " ?  There are few obvious aspects of coronavirus that are poorly-stated or over-looked re minimising exposure, infection, spreading & developing covid19.  This seems to be an unavoidable part of the political, medical & mainstream media's activities.

Firstly, please do send us any corrections, queries or thoughts (written & signed, of course).  AND, none of the following is medical nor therapeutic advice - it's intended as opinion based on basic physiology, long-term practice &/or credible peer reviewed articles.

No offense is intended, however... the following 4 videos present commentary of covid19 data from Europe, South America & the USA.  This data is not based on expert's opinions nor expert's modelling - it's publicly available official data. The validity of anti-body testing, serology & lock-downs as well as other measures & seasonal influences is scrutinised.  And, the confounding bias with classifying "covid19" deaths is reduced by discussing "all cause mortality".

All but one of the videos are deliberately chosen from the past period of May to July (2020).  Their comments have "held up" surprisingly well given more recent analysis...which was discussed the 'censored' video from Sept. 2020.

This Page's Must See Video...

A summation that touches upon many points discussed later.  Most interestingly, at 5mins:36secs the consequences of lockdown is discussed re "pandemic" mortality vs "lockdown" mortality.

Professor Karol Sikora is the Founding Dean and Professor of Medicine at the University of Buckingham Medical School and an ex-director of the WHO Cancer Programme.

Professor Karol Sikora: Fear is more deadly than the virus - May 18, 2020  (very understandable)

This page's explanation of "actual data" vs erroneous covid-19 reporting & modelling...

Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained - 08 Sept. 2020...

This page's explanation of "bad science" vs erroneous covid reporting & decisions.

Dr Lee is a physiologist, medical doctor & trained pathologist.  And, a retired university professor.

Viral Realities Revealed: Dr John Lee, Pathology Professor - Jun 30, 2020...


COVID-19: The DEFINITIVE Antibody Studies: Why The Tests Don’t Work - Jul 3, 2020  (fast-paced & technical)...


Covid19 Vs Influenza - Some more perspective...

Lisa Maragakis M.D., M.P.H., senior director of infection prevention at Johns Hopkins

The  similarities & differences between Covid19 and the variety of influenza diseases are discussed by Lisa Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H., senior director of infection prevention at Johns Hopkins (see link below).  Although Covid19 is more infectious & discoverable (due to more testing activity & reporting), a greater proportion of influenza sufferers present with acute symptoms & severe symptoms.  Also, the similarity of overall incidence, long term morbidity & death rate is surprising - though conveniently under discussed at present...

The Oxford Covid19 Vaccine - Australia's Likely Vaccine...

How the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine works

The ChAdOx1 vaccine is a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector. This is a harmless, weakened adenovirus that usually causes the common cold in chimpanzees. ChAdOx1 was chosen as the most suitable vaccine technology for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine as it has been shown to generate a strong immune response from one dose in other vaccines. It has been genetically changed so that it is impossible for it to grow in humans. This also makes it safer to give to children, the elderly and anyone with a pre-existing condition such as diabetes. Chimpanzee adenoviral vectors are a very well-studied vaccine type, having been used safely in thousands of subjects

Coronaviruses have club-shaped spikes on their outer coats, which form a corona – Latin for crown – on the virus surface. Immune responses from other coronavirus studies suggest that these spikes are a good target for a vaccine.

The Oxford vaccine contains the genetic sequence of this surface spike protein. When the vaccine enters cells inside the body, it uses this genetic code to produce the surface spike protein of the coronavirus. This induces an immune response, priming the immune system to attack the coronavirus if it later infects the body.


And, we have a few more uncommon Q & As...

  1. Aerosol transmission?  Covid19 is a respiratory 'syndrome'; so respiratory shedding from infectious persons is always likely (with or without latest evidence) it's a matter of basic thermodynamics & probability.  Shedding is also a mechanism for mucosal clearing (more below, also note points 4, 5 & 6).
  2. Masks or no Masks?  Wearing a mask (or another physical barrier) will help re exposure & spreading coronavirus - though evidence is varied.  Importantly, it also discourages touching one's lips, nose & eyes which are entry & exit points for coronavirus.   However changing (or cleansing) the barrier is necessary to avoid a concentration of infectious material - see point 5.  And, if you are traveling behind others (e.g. queuing or on walkways, escalators, etc) then you are in an accumulating "wake" of other's aerosols.  So wearing a mask & walking with left/right distancing helps to minimise this extra exposure.
  3. RT-PCR testing?  The RT-PCR testing is an automated method that is capable of detecting a few (yes, 3,4,5...) individual viruses & viral debris (unfortunately).  So it is possible to test positive when exposed to the virus and later test negative to the virus (days later) if you don't carry or develop covid19.  It is also possible to test positive to debris after active virus is cleared.  Exposure is not the same as infection.  These situations are two reasons why "case" numbers can appear large, whilst infectious & asymptomatic numbers are uncertain.  The following RT-PCR result is from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center - note the detection of just 2 viruses. 
    Importantly, caution is required when choosing detection criteria (Ct, cycle threshold).  Without malice, clinical over-diagnosis (including non-infectious viral loads) does skew decisions re public health actions.  This often contravenes the precept of "do no harm".
  4. Exposure Vs Disease?  Contact with a virus (coronavirus) doesn't imply carrying a virus (simple infection), which in turn doesn't imply contracting the disease (covid19).  For example, it is estimated that almost 90% of humans carry the Epstein-Barr virus, but 90% of humans do not present with it's contingent diseases such as herpes.  FYI, it is also estimated that 100% of urban populations have had contact with Epstein-Barr.  So, again, exposure is not the same as infection nor disease presentation - see points 3, 5 & 6.
  5. Viral load & immunity levels?  The viral load (amount of initial & accumulating 'active' exposure) versus individual susceptibility greatly affects disease progression.  So, minimise exposure & maximise immune response.  This includes anything that lowers or preoccupies immune response such as other pathogens, wastes, toxins, poor nutrition, unnecessary medication, lack of sleep, lack of light exercise... as well as many life-style choices.  It is important to manage insulin resistance as it impacts general metabolic response:  Also, boost low vitamin D3 levels to improve the VDR function.  The human cell's VDR mediates expression of over 200 genes for innate cellular immunity.
  6. Human viral defenses?  There are many bodily features to prevent infections progressing. They have varying efficacy.  But some are, mucosal blocking (physical & chemical), innate immunity (see point 5), cell MHC presentation, T-cell & B-cell adaptive responses... So, again, exposure is not the same as infection.
  7. Respiratory clearing?  The nose & lungs are reservoirs for many pathogens.  So, gently blow your nose,  lightly cough to clear your lungs & gargle to clear your throat.  Do these actions often, even if you don't feel the need.  Try to rinse your nose frequently (salt water at 5% w/w), perhaps use a neti-pot.  A simple nebuliser (salt water at 5% w/w) is effective in helping to free up ordinary nose, throat & lung mucous - try it a few times throughout your day.

And, here's some basic ideas...

  • Kills 99% of Germs?  Corona-virus is a virus (pardon the obvious) so bacterial antiseptics & bacterial antibiotics will not always be appropriate for sanitising procedures nor therapeutic treatments, e.g. simple colloidal silver products.
  • Alternative cleaning?  Sanitisers need to work quickly for incidental cleaning.  But, where prolonged washing is possible (hand washing or surface wetting) then many simple acids, soaps & oils are effective because the contact time is prolonged.  Viruses are not indefinitely robust hence, for example, the claim of coronavirus inactivity after prolonged air exposure.
  • Corona on - corona off?  When you sanitise or wash your hands don't forget your finger tips and under your fingernails.  These are extremities that hide pathogens and that are used to touch your nose & eyes, which are primary entry/exit points for viruses.

 We'll post more Q&A on future pages - "Health Posts" on the FAQ page.