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Health Info

  • Sticky Stuff - Protein Glycation - The Basic Health Problem?

    Hmmm, - Excess Glucose gums-up your body!...
    When sugar, starch or other foods that contain glucose are absorbed, the body uses them as fuel.  BUT, they are also 'stuck onto' protein molecules to control their shape (protein glycosylation).  It's a very (VERY) important.

    But, when there is an overload of glucose then it will stick to the proteins in an uncontrolled way (glycation).  This makes unwanted & unusable shapes.  It is dangerous if it continues over a 'long' time.

    Knowing what, when & how to eat is vital...

  • The Pyjama Exercises - No Sweat Exercise With Cappuccino

    Still under construction - but, we'll be discussing Gabriel Le Sloth's method for easy, no huffing, no sweating & no hurting resistance exercises using resistance bands.  The secret is how to warm, stretch, flush, strengthen & recruit muscle for everyday activity - all to avoid trauma, soreness & spilling your cappuccino onto your pyjamas...
    P.S. I have uploaded two video snippets from Sten Ekberg MD & Doug McGuff MD for your 'mental warm-up'.