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Health Ideas

  • Wonderous Medi-cons, Poli-antics & Cyber-coms

    Nothing To See - Blink Twice, Follow Money!

    Just Wondering... When there's 'nothing to see'... 'What is essential is invisible to the eyes, it is only with the heart that one truly sees' (Antoine de St. Exupery).  Ok, let's see...
  • 5+ Ideas - Free Health

    5+ Ideas - Free HealthThis page is started but not finished.
    This will be a 'Why To' & a How To' article.
    But, we will give ideas for checking everything (Rule#1).

    Keywords (i.e. rabbit-holes) are already here for curious minds.
  • Covid19 Info (Oct 2019 - Updated May 2022) - An Inconvenient Commentary

    A New Beginning?  (23 May 2022)  - we have deliberately left this page unedited since 10th Oct 2020 (excepting for this introductory passage).  At that time, we endeavored to be polite & practical.  It was obvious then, as it is now, that the pandemic was also politically driven, although it was biologically based...

  • Sticky Stuff - Protein Glycation - The Basic Health Problem?

    Protein GlycationHmmm, - Excess Glucose gums-up your body!...
    When sugar, starch or other foods that contain glucose are absorbed, the body uses them as fuel.  BUT, they are also 'stuck onto' protein molecules to control their shape (protein glycosylation).  It's a very (VERY) important.  An overload of glucose makes unwanted & unusable shapes.  It is dangerous if it continues over a 'long' time.  What, when & how to eat is vital...

  • Slothy Exercises - Smart Physiology For Easy Exercise

    Still under construction - but, we'll be discussing a routine (& methods) for easy, no huffing & no pain exercises using walking & resistance bands.  The secret is how to warm-up, stretch, flush, strengthen & recruit muscle for improving  everyday activity - all to avoid trauma, soreness & spilling your coffee/tea onto your pyjamas...
    P.S. I have uploaded two video snippets from Sten Ekberg MD & Doug McGuff MD for your 'mental warm-up'.