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The Pyjama Exercises - No Sweat Exercise With Cappuccino

 Gabriel Exercising?

Still under construction - but, we'll be discussing Gabriel Le Sloth's method for easy, no huffing, no sweating & no pain exercises using resistance bands.  The secret is how to warm, stretch, flush, strengthen & recruit muscle  for everyday activity - all to avoid trauma, soreness & spilling your cappuccino onto your pyjamas.

Below are two video snippets from Dr Sten Ekberg & Dr Doug McGuff.  These videos discuss manageable intense exercise & the role of muscle in health .

To be clear, momentary muscular failure (MMF) during exercise means either feeling a lactic acid build-up, loss of smooth movement or not being able to commence/complete a movement.  It doesn't mean causing traumatic damage or sprains nor other muscle tears.

>Dr Doug McGuff - Training to mild momentary muscle failure (MMF)

>Dr Sten Ekberg - Types of resistance training

Gabriel Le Sloth recommends (& personally uses) elastic resistance bands to perform Slow Loaded Intense Movement (SLIM).  Resistance bands allow safe exercise by slow loading & slow movement of muscles.  It is a controlled method of reaching MMF.  This method gives enough intense movement to enable myokine signaling & growth hormone release.  These signals(?) & hormones promote health & mild muscular hypertrophy (increased mass).

A typical SLIM student...

SLIM Exercises (Slow Loaded Intense Movement) - to be continued...