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  • Cocomilk Kefir Guacamole

    Healthy & very 'kid friendly' without the dairy or seed oils.  Great on those traditional corn-chips or on 'Nacho Night' with friends or family.  The Cocomilk Kefir is an unbeatable pro-biotic and not sour like dairy kefir.  The high polyphenol EV olive oil gives a peppery taste without any pepper.  When hunger calls it goes with almost anything...
  • Cheesy Kefir Dip/Sauce

    'The sneaky snack, full of good gut bugs' + D3/K2/Iodide. It's a dip & a sauce, so try it anywhere that you need a cheesy flavour e.g. pasta or baked vegetables.  It's an easy way to sneak some 'good gut bugs' & vitamins into children's diets e.g. with nachos, on macaroni or onto sliced carrot/cucumber/celery...
  • Sweet Cacao Kefir Mousse

    This is a fluffy, light and flavour filled mousse' - with only '4-ish' basic ingredients.  It's a tasty & easy dessert  - very nutritious. This recipe is easy to scale up.  And will keep in the fridge for a few days (Long weekend).  A great party idea for fussy eaters of desserts. - Enjoy & shovel away?
  • Kefir, Miso & Ginger Dressing

    Kefir, Miso & Ginger Dressing - Salads, Vegetables, Wherever.  It's a great salad for grilled meat, grilled fish or egg dishes.  Also good on its own when calories count - because you only need a little.  This tangy dressing goes great with baked veg. as well.

  • Nutritional Broth+ (Sneaky Super Soup)

    This is a nutritional yeast broth' - only '6-ish' basic ingredients.  It's a tasty & very low calorie snack-soup.  It's very nutritious & guilt-free - please see our 'Fun Fact'. Yes, we do sell this here on the website & it may be less expensive to get ours.  But, we're happy to be open & let you experiment - Bon Appetite!
  • Tofu Scrambled Vegg?

    The 'great tofu scramble' with only '4-ish' basic ingredients: Tofu, Nutritional yeast,  Turmeric, Salt and Pepper. Fun-Fact:  'Scrambled Vegg' does not contain veggans - apologies to health conscious cannibals.
  • 6+ Ideas - Cocomilk Kefir

    Our recipe card from 2019. 
     - Kefir, Miso & Ginger Dressing
     - Chocolate Kefir Mousse
     - Kefir Guacamole
     - Banana & Mixed Berry Smoothie

    This is being updated to individual recipe posts - until then Enjoy!